Reference Letters

The following comments are excerpts of just a few of the reference letters on file at Valley Child Care, and may be read by interested parents, upon request.

Dear Ms. Nancy;


On behalf of Olivia, we would love to take this time to thank you for all that you do every day for our little girl.  She loves coming to school and it is such a joy and comfort knowing that you are a big part of making her days special, safe and happy!  You truly are a blessing in her life and a great educator for her during this time as a preschooler. 


Please know that you really are appreciated and everything that you do for her and all the other children makes a huge difference because you care.  It takes a very special person and patient person to do what you do and it does not go unnoticed.


Please accept this gift card as a small token of our appreciation.  We wish we could offer you more because it doesn't even come close to what you offer our child during this phase of her life.


God Bless,

Parents of Olivia S.



I was so scared to leave my daughter for the first time.  I cried as I walked out the door.  I shouldn't have worried.  Debbie, Elsa, Jamie and Elizabeth and every other staff member I have come across are the best people to leave my daughter with.  We are always greeted with smiles.  The little notes on the daily slips are sweet and I even get keepsakes every now and again.  I'm so glad Jocelyn is loved and cared for at Valley Child Care.


Parent of Jocelyn H.


The ladies of Room #1, Elsa, Jamie, Vickie and Debbie are absolutely wonderful.  I love that when I bring Brekken in he smiles and is excited to see them.  I could not ask for a better group of women to care for my son.  Thank you!


Parent of Brekken P.


My husband and I could not be more grateful for everyone who works at Valley Child Care.  We are extremely thankful for Elizabeth, who takes care of our daughter every day.  She (our daughter) arrives every morning with a smile and comes home each night with one as well.  We appreciate all she does to make our little bug so happy and we cannot thank her enough.  She is such a warm and pleasant person to see every morning.  Our gratitude is endless.  Thank you again!


Parents of Yesenia H.


Mrs. Norma,

Thank you so much for taking care of our Kori girl!  We truly appreciate it!  The other day she didn't come to pre-school because her brother was sick.  She was so dissappointed she wasn't coming.  That just melts my heart.  She really enjoys coming and I am so thankful for that!  Thank you for letting her have a great pre-school experience.  


Parents of Kori B. 

Becky will be attending Kindergarten at a different school.  Becky attended your school from January 2008 until August, 2009.  I just would like to say thank you for everything you have done for her.  Before she attended your school only family members watched her.  Your school is the first people/school outside the family to care for her.  During her time with you I have watched her grow as a person and make friends.  All of your staff members are great role models and truly care for the children we entrust to you.  Becky will see you again when her school is on break and on professional development days.  I would like to thank everyone in your organization; this has been a great experience.  If you ever need a reference please let me know.  I will be more than happy to provide one for you.  Thank you again.  See you soon.

Parent of Becky M. 


This year Neko transitioned into room 7/8.  Admittedly, I was a bit nervous; he would have new teachers and far more students in his class, and since Neko was rather quiet, I worried he'd be lost in the shuffle.  The teachers quickly relieved my worries. They are great!!!  They always have time to talk to me and fill me in on Neko's day.  They were, and continue to be, a colossal aid to potty training.  In this year's time, Neko has learned so much: he sings songs, recognizes his letters, and , most importantly, has really come out of his shell.  He looks forward to attending "school" and loves his teachers.  I am so very thankful for all of his teachers.  It is very reassuring to know that he is being taken care of and having fun.  I truly appreciate your effort, for I am familiar with the stresses of classroom management.  So to all of you, thank you so very much from Neko and his mommy for the outstanding job you do everyday.

Parent of Neko D.

I am very happy with Ms. Lacey.  I feel she handles the children well and is a great communicator with the families.  I feel the school is the best in the valley.  I an very, very happy with the care.  Keep up the great work.  Kenzie loves coming.  That tells us everything.

Parent & Nana of Kenzie F.

We've been extremely pleased with Valley Child Care! Thank you! Your pre-school program is terrific.  From day one, our son learned new, exciting things.  The very first week of school he learned the "Seven Days of the Week" song and has not forgotten it.  Thank you for everything you do for our son while we are at work! The lunches and snacks are also wonderful,  KUDOS to the kitchen staff.  Great job!

Parent of Karsten L.


I really appreciate Miss Laci's smile.  She always comes over and acknowledges us when we enter the room.  It comforts me and Robbie when she holds him while I leave.  Thank you for caring.  I really like all of the staff.  They have taken time to get to know us and care about us a family.  I love the flexibility!  You guys are the best!! Keep it up! Thank you!

Parent of Amy & Robby M.  


I really like Kathy and enjoyed having her for a teacher with both my girls.  She is always friendly and helpful.  I love bringing my girls here, we have been coming for almost 6 years.  I know my girls are safe, which makes leaving them for the day that much easier.  My kids like going to day care and doing the daily activities.  I like the special projects they always do for the holidays.

Parent of Laura S.


We are so happy Ms. Jean came back to Valley Child Care.  God bless her.  She is wonderful with all the children.  I'd like to take her as our nanny, if she was available.  She's the best!  Valley Child Care is great! Everyone is so friendly and are always in great spirits.  Everyone always acknowledges Alexis and me when we come in or are leaving for the day.  I am glad that Alexis attends Valley Child Care.  It's very convenient to home.  We made a great choice

Parents of Alexis T.


Ms. Maureen, Ms. Janet, and Ms. Ashley are beautiful, caring, loving and dedicated teachers to all the babies in room 1.  I am very happy and Isaiah is also.  I worked at Valley Child Care one year and it was wonderful and now that my son is there I so appreciate the office staff and teachers.  This is really a beautiful place to leave my son because I know he will be taken good care of.  Thank you.

Parent of Isaiah C.


It's nice to be able to trust my most precious possession to your "family." All your staff truly have the children's best interest in mind at all times.  Everyone is friendly and polite.  The girls watching my son sincerely feel like family!!  Thank you for all you do.

Parents of Ethan D.


I wouldn't choose anywhere else for my kids to go.  I love the facility, the staff and the energy the day care center has.

Parent of Diego J.


Since we started with Valley, about 8 months ago, Kendyl has been greeted almost everyday by Ms. Kathy in room 3.  Ms. Kathy knows Kendyl so well and has established a routine with her as far as eating, snacking and napping.  It is such a great feeling to have my daughter hold out her arms to someone everyday feeling completely comfortable in her surroundings.  It eases the guilt I feel having to leave her all day.  I know, and Kendyl confirms, that Valley Child Care was the right solution for day care.  She has a consistent routine and structure to her day that carries over even when she stays home.  She is a very confident little girl and I know that is largely due to the care that she is given by Ms. Kathy and other teachers in rooms 2 and 3; Ms. Jessica, Ms. Norma, Ms. Ruby, Ms. Danielle. Ms. Shelby and Ms. Brittany.  Thank you for taking such great care of Kendyl when I can't be with her!

Parent of Kendyl M.